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Tinu Solar (Lantern)




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TinuSolar is helping million of offgrid popular stay connected with their families and friends with the inclusion of Mobile Phone Charging feature! You will never have to run on low battery again.

Field test in Nigeria and elsewhere have shown that rural dwellers find solar fitila much better than kerosene lamp. Payback time is less than 2 months compared to kerosene and candle use. What you get includes;

  • Endless free light daily
  • Continuous Mobile phone charge
  • Helps the poor to save and move out of poverty
  • Available 24/7 on demand
  • Good for the eyes and reduces the risk of eye defects
  • Eliminate the threat of fire hazard
  • Reduces the risk of respiratory disease, suffocation and death.
  • Reduces the challenge of oil spill and water contamination
  • 0% pollution and Limits the effect of global warming
  • No more need for lead acid battery use.


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Tinu Solar (Lantern)

Tinu Solar (Lantern)

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